Hacking Gender Equality

Owning a mobile phone and having access to the internet can change lives. Yet millions of women in developing countries are unable to take advantage of the mobile internet. The main reasons for this are lack of literacy and digital skills.

Together, we can change this. Open Source for Equality is a global initiative to promote the development and use of free and open software that bridges the digital gender gap.

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Strategic Partners and Sponsors

Open Source for Equality Partners


WOM.fm - an open platform for accessible audio information

WOM stands for "Word of Mouth" and was designed as an open platform for digital audio narrowcasting. WOM.fm can be used to make audio information accessible to marginalized populations using short urls (e.g. wom.fm/123) and QR codes.

OSEQ at Global Digital Development Forum 2022

Open Source for Equality was part of the Global Digital Development Forum this year at an insightful expert panel discussion about "How can open-source drive the growth of local digital innovations in Uganda?".