Fala Saúde Provides Interactive Educational Content About Leprosy

Fala Saúde Provides Interactive Educational Content About Leprosy

Fala Saúde ("Speak Health") is a web application built for DAHW Brazil. The web application was designed to provide interactive educational content about leprosy and other skin diseases in audio format to health workers in Brazil.

Brazil is the second leading country in terms of the number of new leprosy cases detected, accounting for an estimated 14% of all new leprosy cases occurring worldwide.

The Fala Saúde web app will help increase leprosy detection by providing accessible capacity building to rural health workers. Leprosy underreporting can occur for many reasons, including lack of knowledge or capacity of healthcare services or health professionals to diagnose and register new disease cases and lack of or resource limitations in regional and local leprosy control programmes.

Fala Saúde consists of 13 chapters dealing with the following topics: "skin cancer", "knowing our skin", "skin care", "wound care", "differentiated diagnosis", "stigma and discrimination", "complementary exams", "leprosy", "physical disabilities", "leishmaniasis", "myths and beliefs", "psoriasis", "routes towards health", "signs and symptoms" and "vitiligo". All contents have been developed by experts in their fields.

Fala Saúde is based on the AUMA framework. AUMA (Augmented audio) is an open source framework that provides illustrated and interactive audio content. Auma’s lightweight and accessible design allows it to offer eLearning to marginalized, often illiterate populations with limited access to technology. It runs both on smartphones and smart feature phones. For more information click here.

You can check out the Fala Saúde web app at https://falasaude.netlify.app

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