Let's Open Open Source
The Open Source for Equality Manifesto


Owning a mobile phone and having access to the internet can change lives.

Yet millions of women in developing countries are unable to take advantage of the mobile internet. The main reasons for this are lack of literacy and digital skills.

We can change that. With open and inclusive tools that facilitate access to important knowledge and practical information, developed for and by women.

However, only 6% of all open source contributors worldwide are women, and even fewer in the Global South. It is time to act now.

Inclusion, empowerment and equality must be at the heart of our efforts to ensure sustainable development.

To achieve this, we need a beginner-friendly, safe space for women to participate in open source projects that promote gender equality.

This is why why we are building Open Source for Equality, a movement that empowers women to empower women.

Let's unlock a more equitable future with open source solutions developed by and for women.

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