Quick Start Guide for NGOs and CBOs

Quick Start Guide for NGOs and CBOs

The aim of Open Source for Equality is to help organisations get started using digital tools for their outreach activities. This guide can help you take the first steps. 


Start with Audiopedia

Audiopedia is an open-content platform that provides health education and practical knowledge using digital audio. The web site Audiopedia.org was designed to provide access to open knowledge to both CBOs/NGOs and individuals. Provided Audiopedia supports the languages needed in your work, it is a good place to start. Simply select the language on Audiopedia.org and search for the content you want to share with your beneficiaries.

Once you have found the content, you can listen to it, download it or share it directly using the easy navigation. The easiest way to do this is via WhatsApp - provided that at least some of your beneficiaries have access to the messenger service. Those who have access can then listen to the audios together with their peers in "listening groups". The Audiopedia Academy gives you more ideas on how to use Audiopedia and record your own content.

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Join Open Source for Equality

The aim of Open Source for Equality is to promote the development and use of free and open software that bridges the digital gender gap. One way to do this is to bring NGOs and CBOs together with local software developers. In this way, digital solutions can easily be created that are optimally adapted to the respective needs of local organisations and their beneficiaries.

Plus: you will also get listed in our directory, which will give your organization additional visibility. 

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Get Support from the Experts

Need more? URIDU, the non-governmental organisation behind Audiopedia and Open Source for Equality, can offer you advice, coaching and the development of tailor-made strategies and solutions for your organization.

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